quinta-feira, janeiro 17, 2008


Neste postal referimos as palavras do CEO da Electrolux:

“At first, I thought we needed to decide whether to compete with commodity-like offerings or to deliver higher-value products. But after some deep soul-searching, we decide we could still make money in both ends if we separated our business models for the two ends of the market. Dividing the sales force is one example of what I mean when I talk about different business models.” … “The same sales force usually can’t handle both of those roles.”

Clayton Christensen e Michael Raynor no livro "The innovators solution: creating and sustaining successful growth" escrevem:

“A company’s own salesforce will react the same way, especially if they work on commission. Every day salespeople need to decide which customers to call on, and which they will not call on. When they are with customers, they must decide which products they will promote and sell, and which they will not mention. The fact that they are your own employees doesn’t matter much: Salespeople can only prioritize those things that it makes sense for them to prioritize, given the way they make money.”

Purpose, clear purpose!
Depois surpreendemo-nos com o quê?

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