quarta-feira, dezembro 19, 2007

Tempos de mudança, de incerteza, de confusão... são também tempos de oportunidades

Se assumirmos que o retrato traçado por este artigo "Bruxelas diz que crise já chegou à economia real ", no DN de hoje, é real .
Podemos adivinhar ainda mais turbulência, ainda mais mudança nos mercados.

Que rachadelas, que gretas vão aparecer? Que oportunidades vão surgir?

Tempos de mudança são tempos para agarrar oportunidades. Tal como um predador aguarda o momento de desferir o golpe.

Basta recordar esta entrevista de Richard Rumelt ao "The Mckinsey Quarterly":

"The Quarterly: So strategy starts with identifying changes?
Richard Rumelt: Right. ..."

"Richard Rumelt: ... Strategic thinking helps us take positions in a world that is confusing and uncertain. You can’t get rid of ambiguity and uncertainty—they are the flip side of opportunity. If you want certainty and clarity, wait for others to take a position and see how they do. Then you’ll know what works, but it will be too late to profit from the knowledge.

The Quarterly: So how does a company take a good position?
Richard Rumelt: Well, one big factor is a predatory posture focused on going after changes...."

"Richard Rumelt: ... That very predatory approach of leaping through the window of opportunity and staying focused on those big wins—not on maintenance activities—is what distinguishes a real entrepreneurial strategy"

Sobre o papel dos gestores, ainda este remate. Mudança, turbulência, significa incerteza, muita incerteza, muita confusão.

"Richard Rumelt: The most important job of any manager is to break down a situation into challenges that subordinates can handle. In essence, the manager absorbs a good chunk of the ambiguity in the situation and gives much less ambiguous problems to others.
In a focused company, the CEO does this for the entire organization by examining the overall competitive situation and providing enough guidance to let the organization get to work. The CEO defines the business problem for everyone else."

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