sexta-feira, agosto 31, 2007

Teorias e estratégias

"... se uma teoria é um instrumento, então não pode ser verdadeira (mas apenas conveniente, simples, económica, poderosa, etc). Designam até, frequentemente, as teorias por "hipóteses"..."

Karl Popper in "Conjecturas e Refutações"

O mesmo se pode dizer da estratégia de uma organização, nunca é verdadeira, até porque aquilo que resulta hoje, falhará necessariamente no futuro. Assim, uma estratégia será sempre instrumental, situacional, transiente.

À posteriori uma estratégia pode ser avaliada como útil ou inútil.
À priori:

"... speculative judgments like these are the essence of strategic thinking, and they can be the starting points for taking a position. Can you predict clearly which positions will pay off? Not easily. If we could actually calculate the financial implications of such choices, we wouldn't have to think strategically; we would just run spreadsheets. Strategic thinking is essentially a substitute for having clear connections between the positions we take and their economic outcomes.

"Strategic thinking helps us take positions in a world that is confusing and uncertain. You can't get rid of ambiguity and uncertainty—they are the flip side of opportunity. If you want certainty and clarity, wait for others to take a position and see how they do. Then you'll know what works, but it will be too late to profit from the knowledge."

Richard Rumelt aqui.

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