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O crescimento canceroso (parte II)

Parte I.

Ontem de manhã, antes dum compromisso, tive oportunidade de fazer uma caminhada de 8 km em Rio Tinto onde, entre outras coisas, li um pouco do primeiro capítulo de "Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation":
we can conclude that it is more advantageous for profit to grow through price increases than through volume increases. Conversely, it is better from a profit perspective to accept lower volumes than lower prices.
Confront managers with these statements as they need to choose between alternatives A and B below, and you get an explosive debate.
Alternative A: Accept a price cut of 5% (e.g., in the form of a rebate) and volume remains constant.Alternative B: Accept a volume reduction of 5% and price remains constant.We have discussed these alternatives with hundreds of managers in seminars and workshops. Almost all of them lean toward Alternative A, which means they defend volume at the expense of price, even though profit is $3 million lower (using our earlier numbers) than in Alternative B. Even in the case of improved profit drivers, many practitioners prefer volume growth, usually making the argument that market share is higher under that alternative.”
BTW, recordar as curvas de isolucro sobre como o volume tem de crescer para compensar a quebra do preço e, sobre como o volume pode cair por causa da subida do preço:

Entretanto à tarde, já depois das 17h apanhei este tweet:

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