domingo, abril 08, 2018

"people celebrate their space with prototypes they've worked on"

"At IDEO people celebrate their space with prototypes they've worked on, found art, and clever mechanical toys. One of my favorite corners looks like something out of a bike shop. There's a hat rack full of cycling helmet prototypes, a plywood pendulum with a heavy metal ball to test them, a phenomenally light carbon racing wheel, and a clever folding bike lock of hardened steel. At nearly every corner, mobile steel Metro shelves are brimming with foam prototypes or parts. If someone's got a hobby or interest, you'll find it in his or her space, everything from cell phone collections to the mishmash of horribly designed toys and gizmos. As for the bizarre, IDEOer Roby Stance! favors a Styrofoam dress shop model's head to store and display his electrical components (sort of a cyberpunk hairdo). There are also plenty of surprises: quirky wall cutouts and window slits that afford unexpected views and provide amusing displays for knickknacks. Look around your office. Do workers have places for impromptu meetings? Is them a comfortable blend of openness and privacy? And equally important, are workers encouraged to celebrate their work and hobbies in their space? If you can't tell when you're moving from one neighborhood to another, you probably don't have neighborhoods."
Ainda na semana passada numa PME, enquanto aguardava no hall de entrada e, olhava para um velho quadro pregado na parede e pensava como podiam substitui-lo por esquemas dos protótipos que fabricam.

Trecho retirado de "The Art of Innovation" de Tom Kelley

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