domingo, abril 15, 2018

Acerca de valor para o cliente (parte IV)

Parte I, parte II e parte III.
"Experience-based facet.
Contrary to the experiential and phenomenological nature, the facet of CV that we term ‘experience-based’ refers to the past experiences of customers. ... the starting point is the customer’s reality and life”. Value is therefore regarded as part of the dynamically-constructed and multi-framed reality of each customer. Although earlier contributions also recognized similar aspects, the focus on the customer’s history, and thus, the experience- based nature of CV was especially emphasized by the C- D logic. In this light, value is termed ‘value-in-life’, which better explains the holistic view of the customer’s life than value-in-context. With this focus on the internal context, it is emphasized that value formation is extended beyond the interactive processes and the visibility of companies and includes the customer’s mental processes, resulting in an increase in complexity as now the customer’s history is also considered.
A facet of the experience-based nature of value is its dynamic aspect, which expresses the constantly changing and adapting evaluations of what customer’s value."

Trechos retirados de "Reframing customer value from a dominant logics perspective" de Tobias Schlager e Peter Maas e publicado por International Journal of Marketing (2012) 51:101–113

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