quinta-feira, junho 08, 2017

Para reflexão

Primeiro este título "Indicador del Comercio de Moda: las ventas vuelven a caer y retroceden un 0,7% en mayo"

Pelo segundo mês consecutivo as vendas de moda em Espanha baixam.

Desemprego? Em baixa!
Emprego? Em alta!
PIB? Estima-se que pode crescer 2,8%!

Por que baixam as vendas?

Pode ser o online?

Depois este título "Experience Economy Is Here! Brits Swap 'Stuff' For Dates And Movies":
"Welcome to the experience economy. That seems to be the headline from research conducted by the British Retail Consortium and KPMG, as well as Barclays. Us Brits apparently have enough "stuff" and we're focussing on experiences ahead of buying more "stuff."
That might sound too simplistic, but ultimately, it could be what the figures are telling us. Retail spending is down nearly half a percent on last month, whereas this time last year it was going up half a percent, according to the BRC and KPMG figures. Food sales have slowed to growth of just over 4% in May -- again, compared to much bigger growth in the corresponding month the year before. So we're still spending on food but retail discretionary spend is down.
Now, contrast this with eating out and going to the cinema. According to separate figures from Barclaycard, British consumers are enjoying nights out like never before. While retail spend over the last 10 months is up just under 3%, entertainment has rocketed 12%, with eating out and restaurant expenditure rocketing up to just under 12% growth in the past 10 months alone. At the same time, spending on household goods and fashion is down nearly 3%."

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