sábado, dezembro 17, 2016

E os riscos da estratégia (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.

"Disruptive forces in manufacturing
In manufacturing, managing strategic risk takes on an increasing degree of urgency. With the sector in the midst of an era of unprecedented changes and challenges, technology and economic factors present new opportunities to create and capture value. Changing dynamics in the following areas can result in shifts in a manufacturer’s ability to deliver products, manage the supply chain, and serve customers in the traditional manner.
Customized demand. Changes in demand require more customization and personalization. In some cases, the customer is actually creating its own product.
Products. With smart manufacturing and connectivity on the rise, including the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, controls, and man-to-machine and related interfaces and connections, products themselves are changing from “dumb” to “smart.” [Moi ici: É meter código nisso] Instead of simple products, manufacturers are delivering entire platforms or services throughout the life cycle of their manufactured goods.
Economics of production. Meanwhile, advanced manufacturing methods are changing the economics of production. Robotics can help lower production costs while time to market is shrinking. Where are the disruptors appearing? Additive manufacturing can eliminate traditional tooling used in conventional manufacturing techniques such as die casting, injection molding, and others in the value chain, reducing the number of assembly steps and parts, with “printed”— rather than assembled—parts.
Economics of the value chain. Intelligence and insights enabled by digital manufacturing are revolutionizing the economics of the value chain. This is eroding the value proposition for intermediaries and allowing direct customer engagement from the moment an order is placed through sourcing materials and customization— even after the product is delivered to the customer.
What is enabling the disruptors? Sensors and controls, wearables, and IoT, among other things."

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