quarta-feira, dezembro 14, 2016

E os riscos da estratégia? (parte I)

O amigo @armando_moreira fez-me chegar a "Disruption in Manufacturing" de onde sublinhei:
"While disruption isn’t always welcomed, it may lead to unexpected opportunities that lie off the beaten path.
What if, rather than avoiding risk completely, an organization looked for value by anticipating and addressing disruptive forces head on? What if managing disruption was as much a part of the journey as reading a map or consulting a compass?...
Consider a producer that predicted the commoditization of the global industrial metals industry. [Moi ici: Leiam e reflictam nos avisos que aqui fazemos há anos. Sobre a China, sobre os fragilista, sobre a exportação para países como Angola com base no preço] By identifying the risks presented by the state-sponsored industry in China and effectively anticipating market changes, the company was able to adapt: reducing [Moi ici: Como não recordar a série "despedir é sempre resultado de uma maldade ou de preguiça da gestão"] its mining and smelting operations and increasing its focus on specialty product manufacturing for specific sectors.[Moi ici: Como não recordar o destino da imprensa. Em vez de se especializar abastardou-se]
On the other hand, staying on course can be short-sighted. One manufacturer enjoyed tremendous growth when its unique technology gave it a cost advantage over rivals. [Moi ici: Shit Happens!] But when the cost of traditional materials decreased and low-cost overseas manufacturers entered the business, the market shifted. The manufacturer made a strategic bet on its own technology with little consideration of outside risks. And the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011."

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