terça-feira, novembro 29, 2016

Contar estórias

"We always think about the cost of an item before we buy it, but we don't buy it because of what it costs.
If you find yourself acting like you sell a commodity, saying, "this is category X and the price is Y" then you've ceased doing any sort of marketing. You're a commodity provider by choice, which is fine as long as you're okay with competing in a race to the bottom.
The alternative is to do the difficult and risky work of earning attention, earning a reputation and mostly telling a story that takes your product or service out of the commodity category and into a space defined by connection, meaning and possibility instead.
Low price is the refuge for the marketer who doesn't have anything more meaningful to offer."
Se a sua empresa não tem uma equipa comercial preparada para contar estórias de paixão, de magia, estórias épicas... fica prisioneira dos muggles e das suas folhas de excel.

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