sábado, outubro 08, 2016

Sintomas de Mongo por todo o lado

Sintomas de Mongo por todo o lado, sintomas do surgimento de nichos em todo o lado, sintoma de oportunidades para o aparecimento de pequenas empresas focadas em servir estas pequenas tribos.
Mais um exemplo de como as pessoas não querem ser tratadas como plancton, desta feita, "Niche Maternity Retailers Surge As Millennial Moms Redefine The Category":
""Women with a strong sense of personal style feel alienated by maternity and perceive the industry as a whole to be cheap and unfashionable,"
Storq is one of many new brands livening up this once ignored clothing category. New online labels such as Hatch are rapidly growing, while established brands like ASOS and Topshop have successfully branched out into the maternity market. What used to be limited to a few players is now a battleground for multiple competitors reaching out to moms-to-be. Sales at former strongholds, traditional brick-and-mortar maternity stores, are down and expected to further decline. [Moi ici: Comparem isto com as previsões que fazemos aqui há anos sore o impacte, sobre as consequências de Mongo para os gigantes. Os economistas formados no pensamento económico do Normalistão vão pensar nas economias de escala só que isso não é para Mongo] Destination Maternity, which accounts for 20% of the market, will close 25 to 30 stores in 2016.
Sales are declining, explained IBISWorld industry analyst Madeline Hurley, because retailers continue to be mass-focused, trying to meet the needs of too many. Meanwhile, online retailers catering to niche tastes are thriving in this market. [Moi ici: Capeesh? Qual a vantagem da escala? Lindo para as PME] The average age for first-time mothers is also rising gradually, which means women are more established in their careers by the time they pursue motherhood. That means they have more money to spend on fashionable maternity wear. "Women want to feel beautiful whether they’re nine months pregnant or not," says Hurley."

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