quinta-feira, julho 28, 2016

A experiência é o produto

Recordar "Acerca da estratégia da Fiat" e a pergunta "E a aposta na customização?" ao ler "The future of auto retailing":
"The retail landscape across industries is in flux, driven in large part by the change from product-focused to customer-centric value models. Empowered by technological advancements and public policy liberalization, consumers enjoy lower switching costs, greater access than ever to information, and higher standards, all posing challenges for companies operating with scale-based, efficiency-driven, product-centric models. Retailers are now seeing customers compare their buying experiences across industries, and the old adage “That’s how it’s always been done” is increasingly inadequate. And demographic trends will only exacerbate these developments: When it comes to making car purchase decisions, Generation Y drivers value customer experience three times as much as vehicle design. Retailers need to redouble their efforts to create memorable and painless customer experiences in order to retain today’s customers and appeal to new ones."

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