quinta-feira, julho 28, 2016


"It was a ceremony.
People have long used ceremonies — bar mitzvahs, baptisms, weddings, inaugurations, quinceañeras — to mark changes and turning points so they can move from one place to another. Even when they signify an individual’s transformation, they’re communal experiences that strengthen the bonds, values, and vision of the groups celebrating these moments.
Organizations, too, rely on ceremonies to anticipate new beginnings, demarcate endings, and help everyone understand or navigate the changes at hand.
We often use ceremonies to celebrate good things: big promotions, business victories, and so on. But they can be just as powerful when used to acknowledge difficulties, mark dark passages, and help those affected by change move on. It’s important to take a moment in difficult times to communally honor those who have made sacrifices or experienced hardship in the course of change."
É por isto que procuro criar momentos formais nos projectos BSC:

Trechos retirados de "Why Your Company Needs More Ceremonies"

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