quarta-feira, maio 18, 2016

Execução e alinhamento

"At its heart, execution is about organizational alignment—making sure the people, the formal organization, and the culture support the execution of the strategy
provides a model that illustrates this. In this model, if I am clear about my strategy and objectives, then I can identify the key success factors that need to be accomplished to achieve the objectives (e.g., what the three or four things are that I have to accomplish over the next twelve to eighteen months if I am to be successful at implementing my strategy). Once I have these specified, I can then think about aligning the people, formal organization, and culture in a way that ensures that the organization will achieve these. For each of these elements (people, formal organization, and culture), I can ask a set of diagnostic questions:
Answers to these questions will help determine whether the organization is aligned in a way to execute the strategy. Misalignments (e.g., not having the right skills or using the wrong metrics) decrease the chances of successful execution."
Figura e trechos retirados de "Lead and disrupt : how to solve the innovator’s dilemma" de Charles A. O’Reilly III e Michael L. Tushman

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