sexta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2016

Outro exemplo de Mongo

Um tweet levou-me a este texto "Newcastle's Tyneside Cinema where audiences just keep growing and growing" sobre o Tyneside Cinema, um cinema independente a operar na cidade de Newcastle em Inglaterra.
"“Some 80% of our revenue is now through trading so our dependence on public funding is way down.
“This is our next big project. More than 880 people made donations to this project (the Cafe Bar) and we anticipate a similar response next time.”
At the Tyneside they can be quirky in the way multiplexes can’t. “Take the example of It’s a Wonderful Life,” says Mark. “It has become a phenomenon here. We put it on sale in September and I think we sold 80% of everything before the first of 26 screenings. Six thousand people came to see it and a lot of them were young.[Moi ici: Excelente exemplo de como se pode criar um ritual. Todos os anos o mesmo filme abre a época do Natal. Os comentários falam da atmosfera criada. Ir ao cinema ver uma novidade versus ir ao cinema pelo contexto, pela atmosfera, pela experiência]
“We’ve set ourselves a target of 200,000 tickets sold a year but we used to battle our way to 90,000.
In 2008 we took a decision to make 80% of our programming specialised and 20% of it mainstream.[Moi ici: Trabalhar para uma ou mais tribos]
The mainstream films bring in new audiences. [Moi ici: Lembrei-me logo da mineração dos ginásios low-cost] Some of them earn us a lot of money but not all. But we know when people come inside this building they see what a really good place it is to come and see films.”"

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