domingo, janeiro 10, 2016

Acerca da produtividade e dos feriados (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.
Voltemos à equação:
"Profitability = Intellectual Capital X Price X Effectiveness"
e ao resultado, o lucro em vez da facturação:
"We start with profitability, rather than revenue, because we are not interested in growth merely for the sake of growth. As many companies around the world have learned - some the hard way, such as the airlines, retailers, and automobile manufacturers - market share is not the open sesame to more profitability. We are interested in finding the right customer, at the right price, consistent with our vision and mission, even if that means frequently turning away customers. I have coined a corollary to Gresham’s law - bad money drives out good - from monetary economics, affectionately known as Baker’s Law: Bad customers drive out good customers.
Adopting this belief means you need to become much more selective about whom you do business with; even though that marginal business may be “profitable” by conventional accounting standards. Very often the most important costs - and benefits, for that matter - don’t ever show up on a profit and loss statement. Accepting customers who are not a good fit for your company - either because of their personality or the nature of the work involved - has many deleterious effects, such as negatively affecting team member morale and committing fixed capacity to customers who do not value your offerings. This is why the new equation focuses on profitability, not simply gross revenue. When it comes to customers, less is usually more."


Trecho retirado de "Measure what matters to customers : using key predictive indicators" de Ronald J. Baker.

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