sábado, janeiro 31, 2015

Acerca de Mongo e dos makers

"Between September 2011 and September 2014 the number of manufacturing jobs in London rose by 15%, the fastest growth rate in Britain.
The growth ... suggests some of the ways that manufacturing is changing.
British manufacturers are no longer sending work offshore quite as enthusiastically as they once did. Picky customers demand shorter turnaround times; few small companies can afford to wait four weeks for a ship if they want to restock or tweak their products. And the risk of someone copying or messing up a specialist, high-end design increases the farther the work is sent. Meanwhile manufacturing is “hollowing out”, with ever fewer blue-collar jobs and more highly-skilled workers, observes Nicholas Crafts, a professor at Warwick University. Factories are no longer crammed full of workers, but rely on a few individuals looking after advanced machinery.
In an increasingly competitive global market, being slightly unusual is also an advantage.[Moi ici: We are all weird and proud of it, cada um com a sua tribo] ... Partly because of its apparent rarity, discerning customers are likely to shell out more cash for something which is marketed as having been made in Britain."

Trecho retirado de "The great incubator"

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