quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2015

Acerca da Indústria 4.0

"soon, “virtually no manufacturing company anywhere in the world will be unaffected by Industry 4.0 — it will impact their corporate strategies and fundamentally change the way they operate. It must be part of the CEO agenda,” says Volkmar Koch, a partner in the Frankfurt office of Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), which specializes in Industry 4.0.
The main drivers of this new industrial revolution are changes in consumers’ expectations — they want customizable products delivered in Internet time [Moi ici: Por outras palavras, Mongo!] — as well as the convergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, collaborative robotics, 3D printing and the Cloud, together with the emergence of new business models, according to the more than a half a dozen people interviewed.
To remain competitive factories will have to: accommodate custom designs and have the ability to make rapid changes to the products being produced; use the Internet of Things and other technologies to digitize the entire process, reducing time to market; integrate their supplier and production networks using Internet-based product lifecycle management, so that employees throughout the network can collaborate; have semi-autonomous robots working alongside humans to accelerate production while ensuring quality; and analyze data collected about customers to offer a plethora of new digital services."
Concordo com muita desta descrição, alinhada em parte com o que por aqui se escreve sobre Mongo e o Estranhistão. No entanto, há qualquer coisa que falta, IMHO.
A pertença a uma tribo, a autenticidade, a interacção, que vai para lá do jogo de escolhas de uma paleta online, são temas que raramente aparecem nestes textos.
Trechos retirados de "Industry 4.0: The Coming Industrial Revolution"

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