sexta-feira, maio 02, 2014

O problema é a procura, não a oferta (parte IV)

Parte Iparte II e parte III.
Terminei a parte II com aquela frase-ideia-metáfora de Hausmann, "os macacos não voam".
Leio sempre com interesse os textos de Hausmann, o último é este "The Mismeasure of Technology":
"The problem is that a key component of technology is knowhow, which is an ability to perform a task. And knowhow, unlike devices and ideas, neither involves nor can be acquired through comprehension.
Technology has trouble diffusing because much of it requires knowhow, which is an ability to recognize patterns and respond with effective actions. It is a wiring in the brain that may require years of practice to achieve. This makes its diffusion very slow
Progress happens by moving into what the theoretical biologist Stuart Kauffman calls the “adjacent possible,” which implies that the best way to find out what is likely to be feasible in a country is to consider what is already there."
Aquele "adjacente possível" encaixa perfeitamente nesta série "O problema é a procura, não a oferta". O adjacente está fora mas é tangível, é concreto, do lado de dentro vê-se.

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