terça-feira, dezembro 17, 2013

Mongo a entranhar-se

"First 3D Printing Experience Store in Israel"
"Customization & Creation At Your Fingertips.
Unlike 3D printing labs or novelty gift stores, customers at 3D Factory have the opportunity to customize the products – or create their own new products from scratch. A dedicated workstation gives customers the opportunity to use a range of 3D modeling software to create and play around with their own designs. Similarly, customers have the option to send in their files and simply get them printed at the store.
Interactive Workshops For All Levels.
By hosting workshop events and lectures, 3D Factory plans to foster a fun and interactive learning environment for the complete newcomer to the experienced designer or architect. Industrial designers, science professors, and local studio artists have already approached 3D Factory, looking to connect and collaborate on special events.
Chance to Take a Desktop 3D Printer Home Right Away.
One of the most appealing aspects of 3D Factory is that customers can purchase a desktop 3D printer and filament material and bring it home right away, as opposed to purchasing online and waiting for delivery.
Paving the Way for the Future of 3D Printing"
Mongo a entranhar-se...

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