terça-feira, dezembro 17, 2013

Acerca da avaliação de pessoas

"it must be a strengths-based system. Current systems are explicitly remedial, built on the belief that to help people get better you must measure them against a series of competency bars, point out where they fall short, and then challenge them to jump higher.
it must be a system focused on the future. Our current systems are fixated on feedback about the past.
On another level, though, better performance management dispenses with all this because future-focused coaching is demonstrably a better use of time than past-focused feedback. To accelerate my performance tomorrow, don’t try to grade my personality with feedback from all sides—it will always be hard to give, hard to receive, and net a disproportionately small performance return. Instead, coach me on the few specific work-related activities that I could usefully add to my strengths repertoire tomorrow. Or tell me what skills I should go acquire next week. Or advise me which specific contacts I should seek out next month. None of these will necessarily be easy for me to do, but at least they will be something that I can do. They are in the future. In the new performance system, this is where most of our time and creativity will be focused."
Ao ler isto, lembrei-me logo da carta que Zender pede aos seus alunos no início do semestre. Recordar "to place themselves in the future, looking back, and to report on"

Trecho retirado de "What if Performance Management Focused on Strengths?"

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