sábado, março 20, 2021

"What we discover along the way ..."

Claro que Adam Grant escreveu o texto que se segue a pensar em pessoas. Eu aproveito-o como desafio para que quem lidera empresas interprete-as à luz da empresa:

"One day she saw a patient on the floor of an elevator writhing in pain, and the staff members nearby weren’t sure what to do. Candice immediately took charge, rushed the woman into a wheelchair, and took her up in the elevator for urgent treatment. The patient later called her “my savior.”

Candice Walker wasn’t a doctor or a nurse. She wasn’t a social worker, either. She was a custodian. Her official job was to keep the cancer center clean.

Candice and her fellow custodians were all hired to do the same job, but some of them ended up rethinking their roles. One cleaner on a long-term intensive care unit took it upon herself to regularly rearrange the paintings on the walls, hoping that a change of scenery might spark some awareness among patients in comas. When asked about it, she said, “No, it’s not part of my job, but it’s part of me.”

Our identities are open systems, and so are our lives. We don’t have to stay tethered to old images of where we want to go or who we want to be. The simplest way to start rethinking our options is to question what we do daily.

It takes humility to reconsider our past commitments, doubt to question our present decisions, and curiosity to reimagine our future plans. What we discover along the way can free us from the shackles of our familiar surroundings and our former selves. Rethinking liberates us to do more than update our knowledge and opinions—it’s a tool for leading a more fulfilling life."

O mundo está sempre a mudar, o valor está sempre a ser erodido, a menos que se trabalhe para subir na escala, deliberadamente. Muitas vezes isso representa largar a pele antiga e abraçar uma nova vida.  

Trecho retirado de “The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know”

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