sábado, dezembro 19, 2020

"Easy in, easy out, next!"

O Hélder Ferreira publicou há dias este texto no FB:

Fez-me logo lembrar este trecho que li há dias em "The practice: shipping creative work" de Seth Godin.
"Years ago, I produced a record for a very skilled duo. They were incredibly hardworking and committed to their art. In order to survive, they performed three hundred days a year, and they lived in a van, driving each day to a new town, playing at a local coffeehouse, sleeping in the van, then repeating it all the next day.
In most towns, there are a few places like this—if you’ve issued a few CDs and are willing to work for cheap, you can get booked without too much trouble.
These cafés are not good clients. Easy in, easy out, next!
What I helped these musicians understand is that going from town to town and working with easy gigs was wasting their effort and hiding their art. What they needed to do was stay in one town, earn fans, play again, earn fans, move to a better venue, and do it again. And again.
Working their way up by claiming what they’d earned: fans."

Como são os clientes da sua empresa?  "Easy in, easy out, next!"

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