terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2020

Com quem temos de contar?

"Picking up on those necessary actors, the first step in promoting a market-shaping vision is to figure out the “minimum viable system” of your market. What channels are needed to reach the customers? What happens between your customers and the end user? What kind of sub-contractors and business partners will you require? Working out the requisite value chain is only half the job, though. In addition to the physical value chain, your future market system most likely needs other actors in it.
Okay, so you’ve identified the actors in your minimum viable market system. Now do some math. How does the envisioned change impact each respective actor? Who stands to gain? Who will lose? Will some actors remain unaffected? Anecdotal evidence suggests that those market-shaping initiatives which both (1) create a positive change to all actors involved and (2) distribute the added value relatively evenly across the network enjoy the best chances of succeeding.
Note the limits to spreading your market-shaping love, though. It’s only the actors in your minimum viable market system whom you have to treat nicely and fairly! Market shaping can, and does, generate losers! That’s why ignoring market shaping just isn’t an option. And it’s half the reason we’ve urged you to shape markets yourself  lest some other player who doesn’t need you in their minimum viable system gets in first and forces you out. Some market-shaping strategies have, in fact, bankrupted companies. And while the word “disruption” may inspire dreams of deliciously unreasonable wealth in the minds of would-be disrupters, it will strike fear into the hearts of the professions and sectors that would be disrupted."

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