terça-feira, dezembro 08, 2020

"a boring bureaucratic arrangement to keep the status quo"

"Have you noticed the definition of a management system? 

I know that a lot of people don't care about this definition thing, but if you work with management systems, I invite you to read the definition of the ISO 9000 standard.

Management system - System to establish a policy, an orientation, a set of priorities. Then, translate these priorities into objectives, into concrete challenges. Then work, transform the organization to meet those objectives. 

While writing the management system’s policy one must include in the text a commitment to continuous improvement. Thus, a management system must aspire to continuously improve its performance. 

Today's organization generates today's performance. Today's performance is a perfectly normal product of the current organization. The commitment to improvement means aspiring to a desired future performance better than the current one. Aspiring for future performance better than the present means transforming the current organization into the organization of the desired future, the only one capable of generating the desired future results in a perfectly normal and sustainable way. 

In this way, maintaining a management system means continuously investing in transforming the current organization into the organization of the desired future. However, in many audits conducted in 2020 I found the same non-conformity: 

Organizations should seek to continuously improve the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the management system to improve its performance. The organization did not demonstrate the establishment of improvement objectives for its management system. All the objectives foreseen for 2020, associated with the system indicators, refer to the same objectives of 2019. 

From my initiation to systemic thinking, I remember this image:

Why are organizations not meeting the commitment to continually improve? 

I don't think it's because of powerlessness or unworthiness beliefs. I think it is more due to ignorance or even contempt for the management system. The management system is a separate thing, it’s not a Force to stretch the organization and move forward, but a boring bureaucratic arrangement to keep the status quo, to tick “done” in a to-do list.

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