quinta-feira, julho 30, 2020

Mongo e a paisagem competitiva do futuro

Descobri este texto "The hero’s journey through the landscape of the future" do Deloitte Center for the Edge" de 2014 e até arrepia. Parece retirado deste blogue sobre o tema de Mongo. Por exemplo, nas conclusões finais pode ler-se:
"1.Which parts of the economy are fragmenting?With fragmentation, we see a proliferation of small players in a domain, each with a small addressable market within a specific niche. Collectively, these players address a diverse spectrum of client and market needs. Crucially, both the number of players and the number of niches are increasing within the domain. No one player has enough market share to influence the direction of the domain over the long term, and only a modest level of investment is required to enter the market and maintain a viable business. These players are marked by “diseconomies of scale”: The bigger they get, the more challenging it is to stay in the business. Where is this happening? We expect increased fragmentation in those areas of the economy that are focused on product innovation and  commercialization. It should be especially prevalent in markets and industries where technological advances and public policy liberalization have reduced barriers to the means of production, commercialization, and learning.
2. Which parts of the economy are concentrating?Concentration refers to the emergence of large-scale players that are focused on a single business activity or function. Because of significant economies of scale and scope as well as the potential for network effects, certain business roles will tend to become concentrated: infrastructure providers, aggregation platforms, and agent businesses. Concentration will occur in areas of the economy focused on infrastructure and customer relationship businesses where scale and scope provide an advantage."
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