quarta-feira, julho 17, 2019

Curiosidade do dia

Ao ouvir este texto "A Rare Look Inside Zara" e o rol de preocupações ambientais da Zara:
"Inditex is announcing a number of new measures intended to highlight its commitment to sustainability. The company is installing a sustainability committee on the board to monitor its efforts and is linking executives’ long-term bonuses to achieving sustainability goals for the first time. At the same time, it's set new environmental targets for the company.
Building on work already underway, the fast fashion giant is introducing a slew of new sustainability targets and reiterating existing goals, many of which will be implemented fastest at its flagship brand.
By the end of this year, all Zara stores will meet the company’s eco-efficient standards, reducing energy consumption by 20 percent and water consumption by 40 percent. All brands within the Inditex empire will meet this standard by next year.
The company is also increasing the amount of clothes it makes under its Join Life label — which indicates a garment has been made in factories that meet Inditex's highest environmental and social standards using materials or processes that are better for the environment."
Ocorreu-me um pensamento. Isto é muito interessante, mas se a Inditex está assim tão preocupada com o ambiente, quando é que muda o seu modelo de negócio baseado na fast-fashion: usar e deitar fora?

Li há dias que:
"According to a British study, the average article of women’s clothing is worn seven times before it’s discarded."

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