domingo, junho 23, 2019

Perguntas diferentes dão origem a visões alternativas

Perguntas diferentes dão origem a visões alternativas, "The Newsstands of the Future Will Have No Newspapers".
"The old newsstands were funded, in a way, by advertising revenue. That’s what sustained the publishers who produced the news. New Stand is, partially, a real-life ad. Up to twenty per cent of its goods are from “partner” brands, meaning the companies have paid for product placement.
The next frontier is inside offices. New Stand plans to open little stalls in workplaces that sell healthy snacks—organic lentil salads, chia balls—along with items like dry shampoo, charcoal toothbrushes, and CBD pain sticks. Deitchman described how, in the future, if you need a snack at work, you’ll be able to walk down the hall and buy items using the app. The news, he said, will be even more curated: “We can let the employer insert a couple of articles about what’s happening in their company into our content feed.”"

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