segunda-feira, junho 24, 2019

"Estratégia em todo lado - não é winner-take-all" (parte VII)

A minha crença de que, passada a fase infantil das plataformas, veremos o quão absurdo terá sido pensar que seria "winner-take-all".

Mais uma peça para o argumentário através do artigo "Clay Shirky on Mega-Universities and Scale":
"At the beginning of this decade, higher education looked as if it might become winner-take-all,
The mega-est university in U.S. history, one genuinely operating at Walmart scale relative to its peers, peaked nearly a decade ago and has since imploded. This complicates talk of future mega-universities, both because the original mega-university failed so rapidly, and because the reversal of Phoenix’s fortunes turns out to be a general pattern.
We are not entering a world where the largest university operates at outsized scale, we’re leaving that world; Phoenix was far more dominant in 2011 than any school will be in 2021. There will always be a biggest school, and it will offer mainly or solely online education, but as online instruction and marketing become more widespread, constraints on mega-universities’ growth are likely to prevent any future school from achieving Phoenix’s disproportionate scale.
What the mega-university story gets right is that online education is transforming higher education. What it gets wrong is the belief that transformation must end with consolidation around a few large-scale institutions. The decade now ending has seen a dramatic reduction in the size of the largest online school, both in total enrollment and relative to all other schools. Instead of an “Amazon vs. the rest” dynamic, online education is turning into something much more widely adopted, where the biggest schools are simply the upper end of a continuum, not so different from their competitors, and not worth treating as members of a separate category."

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