domingo, abril 28, 2019

"not trying to be "the everything store""

"Among the successful strategies these big brands used, which you can try when faced with a bigger competitor:
Turning your weakness into strength, for example how Best Buy put the focus on in-person experience over online convenience.
Partnering with your bigger competitor (Kohl's reaction).
Focusing on people as much as products, like at Costco.
Attacking their strengths (as Walmart has tried, by basically declaring itself a tech company).
These aren't easy solutions of course. And they're not all applicable to all competitors.
But if your business is suddenly up against Amazon, you do likely have advantages: nimbleness, customer relationships, and the intense knowledge of your products and customers that comes specifically from not trying to be "the everything store.""
Trecho retirado de "Amazon Was a Real Danger to Kohl's, Costco and Best Buy. Here's How They Survived and Thrived"

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