sexta-feira, novembro 16, 2018

"You don’t win by focusing on your competition" (parte II)

A propósito da parte I.

Esta mensagem sintoniza-se bem com a mensagem deste blogue:
“Finally, you need to let go of beliefs about your competitors that get in your way when it comes to selling effectively. Believing that your competitors lie and that their approach or pricing model is responsible for your losses is unhealthy. It is disempowering because it absolves you of the responsibility of knowing how to position yourself, your company, and your solution as creating the kind of differentiated, compelling value that would have beaten them. [Moi ici: Recordam o choradinho dos que se queixavam dos centros comerciais? E o choradinho dos que se queixavam dos chineses? E o choradinho dos que se queixavam dos ...  ] It’s your job to get the client to perceive the value you create, and it is that perception that allows you to win. If you hold yourself responsible for a loss, you can change your approach and improve. If you blame your competitors, you absolve yourself of responsibility—and you continue to lose. [Moi ici: Locus de controlo no interior!!! ]
You cannot do anything about your competitor. Nothing you say or do will make them change their behavior, their approach, or their pricing. Even when you start to win their clients by creating greater value, your competitors are likely to respond by doubling down on their existing practices, so your focus has to shift to improving how you sell.”

Excerto de: Anthony Iannarino. “Eat Their Lunch”. 

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