terça-feira, julho 24, 2018

Realidade vs mundo dos media

Ao ler "Do Millennials Care About Brands' Politics?":
"The average millennial doesn’t pay too much attention to brands' ethical and political positions.
Just 15% of US millennial internet users say they pay a “great deal” of attention to these issues, and 38% said they only give it “some” thought, according to a June 2018 Morning Consult survey.
What many millennials really focus on is cost and quality. Some 85% of respondents said that a product or service that is "well priced, given the quality" is the top attribute that drives their loyalty, and 81% said they’re loyal to reliable brands."
Entretanto procurei um inquérito feito a consumidores europeus que concluiu que são os portugueses os que mais ligam a estes temas da política das marcas. Na altura, jugo que no twitter chamei-os de espertos que dão as respostas que os autores do inquérito querem.

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