quarta-feira, março 28, 2018

Um novo nível requer uma nova estrutura

Com alguma frequência deparo com empresas que cresceram e chegaram a um ponto de viragem. A estrutura que as levou com sucesso até um nível, não consegue, ainda que espremida, suportar a empresa no novo nível do jogo que estão a jogar.
"For earlier-stage companies, being clear and decisive about your essential choices is particularly difficult because you are still discovering what they should be. But the best way to discover them is to take a stab at them, learn in the real world what works and doesn’t work, and evolve accordingly. If you don’t, every opportunity will seem to be a good one, thus sending the company down different paths in response to whatever appears on the horizon. Perhaps worse, not being decisive — if only conditionally — will prevent you from knowing where you should be looking for the best opportunities. Having both stated and working choices enables such companies to explore and execute at the same time.
For more established companies, the challenge is different. They risk having their choices become stuck in whatever they have been doing all along regardless of how customers, competitors, technology, or regulation evolves. This is both the effect and cause of a kind of corporate myopia wherein opportunities and imperatives to innovate are missed, and a form of corporate drift in which the company’s essential strategy choices passively evolve without forethought and deliberation. The myopia makes a company fall behind in an ever-changing world, and the drift produces a lack of clarity in the organization. Together, they inevitably make execution an exercise of running harder to stay in the same place."
Trecho retirado de "Strategy Talk: Can Strategy Be Decisive and Flexible?"

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