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"the resourceness of resources" (parte II)

Parte I.
"the paper conceptualizes a resource not as a substance or thing, but rather as an abstraction that describes the function that a substance or idea contributes to achieve a desired end. Hence, to integrate resources, resource-integrating actors must first be able to recognize the resourceness of the potential resources available to him/her. Therefore, the process of affording potential resources their resourceness becomes a prerequisite for resource integration and value cocreation. For this reason, a deeper understanding of resources is critical for the further development of S- D logic and its service ecosystems perspective.
The basic argument of the paper is that resourceness is not an intrinsic characteristic of a resource, but is a socially constructed and institutionalized phenomenon
S-D logic’s systemic view on value creation posits that for value to emerge, resources from multiple sources must be integrated. Hence, value is cocreated among multiple actors who potentially possess institutional arrangements that differ in terms of the included practices, symbols, and organizing principles that enable and constrain resource integration. Resource integration, therefore, takes place in the complex, multidimensional, and dynamic context of service ecosystems composed of multiple institutional arrangements.
‘resourceness’ is inseparable from the complex institutional context in which it arises. When connected to this omnipresent process of potential resources gaining their ‘resourceness,’ the institutional approach demonstrates its applicability to a wide range of social phenomena. This conceptualization reveals the need for more holistic, systemic, and multidisciplinary perspectives on understanding the profound implications of the process of resources ‘becoming’ in value cocreation, innovation, and market evolution."

Trechos retirados de "The evolution of markets – A service ecosystems perspective" de Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

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