segunda-feira, março 26, 2018

Cuidado com o "vómito industrial"

Em "Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance" encontro eco  de temas aqui abordados ao longo de anos, e que podem ser resumidos num pouco ortodoxo: cuidado com o "vómito industrial"
"If your customer retention strategy relies on “buying” loyalty with rewards, rebates, or discounts, it is coming at a high cost. And these days, it could also mean that you’re giving up something priceless: your relevance.
That’s because the “loyalty era” of marketing, as we’ve known it, is waning. It was built in part on the notion that consumers will keep buying the same things from you if you have the right incentives.[Moi ici: À custa do suborno]
Loyalty remains important, but this finding indicates that the future of marketing — and, in the big picture, many businesses — depends on serving a customer’s most relevant needs in the moment.[Moi ici: Como não deixar de pensar nos gigantes a tentar dançar como gazelas ao som da música de Mongo, quando estão habituados a subornar os clientes a comprarem o vómito]
To become a living business, companies should expand their thinking to include the following five P’s as well: purpose, pride, partnership, protection, and personalization."

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