quinta-feira, março 29, 2018

Acerca do BSC

Para que serve um balanced scorecard?
"The familiar benchmarks of sales, profits and growth will not disappear — nor should they, as measuring current performance is still important for businesses leaders and investors. But these metrics should be complemented with forward-looking measures that aim to assess the firm’s vitality, its capacity for future growth and reinvention. Leaders who only look in the rearview mirror might be content about the metrics they see. But, like Kodak and other incumbents, they will miss the warning signs of the cliff that lies ahead.
Past performance is a poorer and poorer indicator of future success. In today’s highly complex business environment, failure can come faster than ever — so incumbent firms cannot be complacent. To avoid falling down Seneca’s cliff, it is crucial that business leaders look forward as well as backward, and invest in new sources of growth before the peak of their current models is imminent."
Trecho retirado de "Leaping Before the Platform Burns: The increasing necessity of preemptive innovation"

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