quinta-feira, setembro 28, 2017

"in the real world WOB often shifts faster than WOM"

E eis que chego ao capítulo final de "Strategy for a Networked World" de Ramírez & Mannervik onde apanho:
"Our colleague Richard Normann used to differentiate between World of Business (WOB) concerning the organization's interactions with its external context - and World of Management (WOM), or what happens inside the organization. While in an ideal world WOM supports WOB, in the real world WOB often shifts faster than WOM in established companies and in established societal processes, and WOM becomes a prison or obstacle for new WOB possibilities, preventing WOB to develop as fast as one would hope."
A primeira coisa que me veio à mente foram os números desta tabela:
 E um tweet de Nassim Taleb que vou tentar recuperar:

Só a PAX ROMANA durou pelo menos 300 anos.

BTW, naquela citação lá em cima acrescentaria o WOG - o World of Government que transmite sinais errados para o WOM e aumenta a descolagem entre o WOB e o WOM até à inevitável derrocada.

Já depois de fechar este postal recomecei a leitura de "Reframing Business - When the Map Changes the Landscape" de Richard Normann onde encontrei:
"As change increasingly comes to characterize the world around us, more often than not the problem is that the dominating ideas reflect a 'reality' of the past, not the 'reality' of the present nor of the future. And sometimes dominating ideas may have been so successful that they are adhered to even though they should really have been abandoned and replaced. Thus, 'the failure of success'. Such misfits between the dominating ideas and an evolving context are often easy to see with hindsight, but we should bear in mind that every reality is open to innumerable interpretations and descriptions, and that in the heat of the moment there are always good reasons for defending many such sets of dominating ideas (as management guru entertainers who sarcastically tell stories about the wrongdoings of managers of earlier eras tend to forget)."

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