segunda-feira, julho 10, 2017

Mais sintomas do reshoring em curso

Mais um sintoma do reshoring em curso, "Buxum bike boxes brings production home to Devon":
"Currently produced in Hong Kong, the aluminium flight boxes are soon to be produced in a new unit on Okehampton’s Exeter Road industrial estate. Initially the facility will house the firm’s European distribution, but will grow to house assembly operations.
A final driver in Buxum’s move is the macro-economic environment which has seen the cost of Asian manufacturing steadily increasing, to the point where assembly and a proportion of component-sourcing is increasingly viable in the UK and Europe.
China, where most of the Buxum components are currently sourced from, is no longer considered a low cost destination, says Morris, nor does it want to be as China’s government transitions the economy from one of export-driven manufacturing to one of domestic service and consumption."
E mais outro sintoma em "Aprire begins reshoring process with new bespoke carbon manufacturing facility":
"Aprire Bicycles is in the process of kitting out a new manufacturing facility in Cheam, Surrey, where it will offer bespoke carbon manufacturing."
Já pensaram a sério no impacte que este regresso pode ter na paisagem económica a que nos habituámos nos últimos 15 anos?

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