segunda-feira, julho 17, 2017

Compreender o contexto

"Internal Factors• Results of internal audits and self-assessments.
• Analysis of quality cost data.
• Analysis of technology trend information.
• Competitive analysis.
• Results of customer reviews, audits,
complaints and feedback.
• Actual versus intended internal values
and culture.
• Organizational performance.
• Best practices of the organization and
comparisons with industry benchmarks.
• Employee satisfaction data analysis.
External Issues• Economic environment and trends.
• International trade conditions.
• Competitive products and services.
• Opportunities and conditions related
to outsourcing.
• Technology trends.
• Raw material availability and prices.
• Potential changes in statutes
and regulations.
• Benchmarks of best-in-class performers in and outside of the current marketplace."
Trechos retirados de "How Organizational Context and Risk-Based Thinking Influence a Quality Management System", publicado por The Journal for Quality & Participation em Abril de 2017.

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