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Acerca dos sistemas adaptativos complexos

"Biological thinking matters for several important reasons: First, in complex adaptive systems, there is no single formula or framework that always works. In fact, the very defiance of formulaic problem solving is what makes CAS management so challenging initially. It’s not possible to articulate before the fact how best to intervene in a given situation.[Moi ici: Leram bem? Voltem a ler! Recordar os que nos media dizem que o governo de turno devia dizer o que as empresas deviam fazer para terem sucesso]
Second, actions that work in CASs do not make sense except in light of biological thinking. Mechanical management remains alluring precisely because it relies on a familiar and shared protocol for sense making: it focuses on measurable outcomes such as efficiency and profitability; it makes initiatives easy to explain; and it gives managers a sense of control. [Moi ici: Tão verdade!!! Era o que aqui o José Silva tolerou chamar-se de optimismo não fundamentado. É o que aqui sublinhámos com o exemplo da Viarco.] Biological management stops being counterintuitive only when business leaders adopt a new managerial worldview.
Third, managing businesses successfully in today’s environment involves new goals rather than just new problem-solving tools. In other words, businesses need a new what as well as a new how: for instance, surviving, in addition to winning; maximizing value for others, as well as for oneself; and prioritizing learning, as well as optimizing short-term performance. [Moi ici: A maior parte dos que pensam em automatização estão a pensar no mesmo what com um diferente how.] These new goals can be embraced only when businesses adopt biological thinking."
 Muito bom!!!

Trechos retirados de "Think Biologically: Messy Management for a Complex World"

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