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A mecânica newtoniana não serve para a economia (parte II)

Para reflexão, recomendo a leitura de "The Seattle Minimum Wage Study":
"This paper not only makes numerous valuable contributions to the economics literature, but should give serious pause to minimum wage advocates. Of course, that’s not what’s happening, to the extent that the mayor of Seattle commissioned *another* study, by an advocacy group at Berkeley whose previous work on the minimum wage is so consistently one-sided that you can set your watch by it, that unsurprisingly finds no effect. They deliberately timed its release for several days before this paper came out, and I find that whole affair abhorrent. Seattle politicians are so unwilling to accept reality that they’ll undermine their own researchers and waste taxpayer dollars on what is barely a cut above propaganda.
I don’t envy the backlash this team is going to face for daring to present results that will be seen as heresy. I know that so many people just desperately want to believe that the minimum wage is a free lunch. It’s not. These job losses will only get worse as the minimum wage climbs higher, and this team is working on linking to demographic data to examine who the losers from this policy are. I fully expect that these losses are borne most heavily by low-income and minority households."
Recordo este postal "Para reflexão" sobre como actuam as empresas que defendem o aumento do salário mínimo.

Pessoalmente sou contra a existência de salário mínimo porque a economia é muito heterogénea. Um salário mínimo de 600€ é aceitável em Lisboa e se calhar mortífero em Pinhel.

Ainda acerca destes estudos quero deixar um reparo: "A mecânica newtoniana não serve para a economia"
A economia é situacional. Aquilo que funciona hoje, aquilo que se conclui hoje, deixa de funcionar amanhã, deixa de se concluir amanhã. Tudo depende do momento.

Comparar este momento actual "Juntar as peças" com este outro momento de 2009 "Acham isto normal? Ou a inconsistência estratégica! Ou jogar bilhador como um amador!"

BTW, já depois de escrito este texto encontrei isto "A Higher Minimum Wage Is Not Doing The Bad Things Critics Said It Would Do"

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