terça-feira, maio 02, 2017

Danos na reputação/marca

"Aon's 2107 Global Risk Management survey has revealed a host of daunting challenges driven by today’s divisive and yet interdependent environment. The report focuses on the  elected Top 10 risks for detailed discussion, one of the perennial highlights:
The majority of the top risks identified in the survey are nothing new to risk managers. However, a closer examination has revealed many new driving factors that are now transforming the traditional risks, adding new urgency and complexity to old challenges.
Take "damage to reputation" as an example. Over the past few years, while defective products, fraudulent business practices or corruption continue to be key reputation wreckers, new media technologies have greatly amplified their negative impact, making companies more vulnerable. In the age of Twitter or viral videos, damage to reputation could occur because of an inappropriate tweet by an executive, or a video by an employee complaining about sexual harassment or discrimination."
Como não recordar o caso recente da United Airlines, ou este outro com a Delta:
E mais este:
No passado estas cenas aconteciam e morriam no local. Agora podem ser amplificadas até mais não.

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