quinta-feira, abril 13, 2017

Como é que a sua empresa aborda a estratégia?

Um esquema:

E 4 alternativas para formular uma estratégia.

O ponto principal que retiro de "The Different Approaches Firms Use to Set Strategy" é:
"we offer a typology of four approaches. Our results can’t say that any single approach to strategy is always best, but we do offer some evidence that one of the approaches is often flawed.
Each of these archetypes has benefits and risks, which invites a question: Where should a firm sit in the matrix? Our interview data shows tremendous variation in archetype within each industry and across firms of similar size, which suggests that the right archetype for a given firm depends on subtle features of the company and its context. Our current research does not include enough data on context and firm performance to pinpoint the conditions in which one archetype would be the winner.
That said, our early data does make us skeptical about the Unilateral archetype."

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