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Valor num mercado comoditizado

"Managing value in a commoditizing market
How can we do VBP when the entire market is spiraling in price wars and commoditization? That is an excellent question! I often remind them that lots of companies disappear every year because of acquisition, price wars, or bankruptcy. My standard answer is `What choice do you have? How long can you reduce you price without going out of business?" Price cuts are quantitative. The qualitative side of that coin is the perception that your market is commoditizing. If that is the case, you can't give up. You have to be creative and start fighting back. You have to invest in innovation to start changing the conversation from price to value. Use bundling, versioning, or other tactics to find or create pockets of differentiation. One opportunity that may be harder to capitalize on is to begin charging for some services that have been free, either historically or as a response to the economic crisis of 2008-9. At that time, many companies gave away services as a way to maintain volume. When markets recover and companies look to improve or re-establish their pricing power, services such as JIT delivery or technical training are candidates for prices, because they create measurable value. Debundling is also a possibility, as airlines have done with so many services. But you still need to keep the context in mind. You can add surcharges, and you can differentiate performance levels, but it may be difficult to reintroduce a fee on something that has been free for many years.
VBP is far more than jut doing EVEs! It is the basis for your go-to-market strategy, and it touches on the pillars of marketing strategy: segmentation, differentiation, communication."
Trechos e imagem retirados de Stephan M. Liozu em "Dollarizing Differentiation Value: A Practical Guide for the Quantification and the Capture of Customer Value"

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