sexta-feira, março 24, 2017

A ilusão das regras (parte I)

Um excelente texto, "The Rule Illusion", a fazer lembrar todos aqueles que sem skin-in-the-game criam leis e mais leis:
"You could safeguard against rules that hinder people doing the right thing while failing to solve the presumed problem by ensuring the rule-makers themselves are subject to the rules they make. At least they would then experience first-hand the benefits and the costs involved.
In practice, those who make the rules are often insulated from the true consequences. The lack of a good feedback mechanism to adjust the rules would be bad enough if the rules were based on evidence and logic. But it’s often even worse, because rules often originate from received (but dubious) wisdom, unproven ‘common sense’, or reactions to one-off events. Rules that are based on beliefs rather than evidence, and never tested, are unlikely to produce net benefits. Yet such rules are precisely the ones the makers feel most protective of."
Mas voltaremos a este texto por causa das greves de zelo e não só.

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