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"para fugir à erosão da competitividade"

Talvez a sua empresa possa precisar de um destes conselhos sobre alternativas estratégicas a seguir para fugir à erosão da competitividade:
" six specific strategies for breaking away and staying ahead of the pack, and I believe every business owner should implement at least one of these on a quarterly basis:
1. Target customers poorly served by current offerings.
The new strategy here is to focus on unmet new customer needs, rather than enhancing the offering you have -- product, price, promotion, and place (4Ps).
Competitors generally attack you on the 4Ps, so you need to find new territory like a cat, rather than rely only on dogfight survival.
2. Focus on different performance attributes.
Another strategy is to find new performance attributes that relate to unmet consumer needs, and lead your message with these. This is called breakout positioning, rather than mimicking competitors.
3. Substantially change the what, where, and how.
This strategy is called breakaway positioning, since it is intended to redefine how consumers see the product, by borrowing features drawn from an entirely different product category.
4. Use disruptive technologies to alter the value chain.
This powerful strategy is often called the Blue Ocean strategy, meant to conjure up the image of uncharted open waters rather than bloody red oceans with sharks fighting.
5. Expand the market to new domains.
New domains would include attracting business customers as well as individuals, taking your online business into retail, and diving into verticals.
This strategy opens up new growth opportunities without the dogfight of taking territory away from existing competitors. It also forces you into new innovative thinking.
6. Plan to disrupt your own business regularly.
Before the inevitable dogfights have diminished your growth and profitability, and sapped your resources, rally the business with a new "big bang" disruptive initiative, like Apple's highly successful iPad disrupted their own personal computer offerings."
Trechos retirados de "There's a Holy Grail of Long-Term Growth. Here's How to Achieve It"

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