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Ainda acerca da segmentação

Ainda acerca da segmentação:
"If you find out that 20 percent of your customers consume 80 percent of your service time, have you incorporated that into how you set priorities, how you treat these customers, and how you price your products and services? You can look at the extremes, too. Which customers are clearly the price buyers? You have them. Every company does, and they will make up a good chunk of your customer base. Who are your value buyers, the ones who recognize the value you provide and are willing to pay for it? A good place to start is to assume that 15 to 20 percent of your customers are value buyers. Figure 4.5 gives more clues about what kinds of segments you may have within your market. 
A third common segment is speed and convenience. In some cases the company has a separate division by segment (such as Allstate; see figure 4.6).[Moi ici: O como eu gosto do exemplo da Xiameter vs Dow]
 They avoid confusing the two divisions. Sometimes your brand can't cover more than one or two segments. Trying to stretch a brand across too many segments will muddy your message. You have to make these brands and segments as watertight as possible. If you don't, you risk giving some customers cheap products with state-of-the-art service for too low a price."
Na sequência de "Em que situações ou contextos" pensar: em que situação/contexto um cliente insere-se no segmento do preço? e no segmento da qualidade e do valor? e ...

Trechos retirados de Stephan M. Liozu. em "Dollarizing Differentiation Value: A Practical Guide for the Quantification and the Capture of Customer Value"

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