terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2016

Analógico e inteligência emocional

Por um lado, How Streaming Is Changing Music (Again) - Harvard Business Review.

Por outro,  Vinil ultrapassou pela primeira vez a música digital no Reino Unido ...

Ao longo dos anos temos relatado esta evolução do vinil mas cada vez surgem mais exemplos de uma segunda vida para o analógico.

Por isso, "‘The Revenge of Analog’: See It. Feel It. Touch It. (Don’t Click)":
"In an increasingly digital world where physical objects and experiences are being replaced by virtual ones, Mr. Sax concludes, “analog gives us the joy of creating and possessing real, tangible things”: the hectic scratch of a fountain pen on the smooth, lined pages of a notebook; the slow magic of a Polaroid photo developing in front of our eyes; the satisfying snap of a newspaper page being turned and folded back; the moment of silence as the arm of an old turntable descends toward a shiny new vinyl disk and the music begins to play.
In reporting this book, Mr. Sax says he found that it was less a case of older generations reaching back to familiar formats from their youth than teenagers and 20-somethings discovering turntables and LPs, paperback novels and film cameras. “The younger someone was, the more digitally exposed their generation was,” he writes near the end of this book, “the less I found them enamored by digital technology, and the more they were wary of its effects.” These kids were falling in love with analog."
A propósito de:
"A growing number of artists have noticed that music made on old tape machines and vintage studio equipment sounds different — “more heartfelt, raw, and organic,” in Mr. Sax’s words — than music made with the latest, most sophisticated technology. Listeners, too, as the musician Jack White has observed, find that vinyl has a romance, a magic that doesn’t come with the click of a mouse: “With vinyl, you’re on your knees.” He continued: “You’re at the mercy of the needle. You watch the record spin and it’s like you’re sitting around a campfire. It’s hypnotic.”" [Moi ici: Há uma frase que li há cerca de um mês e que não me tem saída da cabeça. Neste artigo li "this just feeds into Amazon's biggest problem: its reputation as a company that lacks emotional intelligence.". Agora, num contexto completamente diferente, é como se ao digital faltasse alguma "inteligência emocional", algo que decorre de ter falhas, de ser imperfeito, de ser contextual. Tudo coisas que acrescentam imprevisto e, por isso, magia. Mongo também passa por esta irracionalidade que algumas tribos partilham pela ausência de código]

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