quarta-feira, novembro 23, 2016

As doenças da inovação (parte II)

Parte I.

Outra doença da inovação tem uma prima que anda muito em voga em Portugal na economia:
"Minivations. Sometimes, companies will create the right product for the right market. The only catch: The company or entrepreneur didn’t have the courage to charge the right price, and as a result, the product is under-monetized. If you evaluate the product’s sales versus its potential, and it gets a C+, that’s a minivation.
“Everyone knows that they could have done better, but they just claim it as a success because it still worked.
How to catch minivations: Look for minivations early. It’s key to watch your team’s attitude before and after the product launches. “Some early warning signs may be that your team seems comfortable checking the box and lowballing on targets.
If the majority of deals are going through the pipeline without any pushback on price, you may have underpriced it. Track the number of price escalations, as well as the length of the sales cycle against historical norms. It will give you more hard evidence that something new is occurring, which you can then address.”"
Quando um produto se vende muito bem, com pouco esforço, é porque muito dinheiro ficou em cima da mesa. Os clientes reconhecem o valor e reconhecem a pechincha.
O valor líquido capturado pelo fornecedor é muito menor do que o que seria possível.

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