quinta-feira, outubro 27, 2016

Por isso, cuidado ...

"You are what you believe you are. Or, as the great Earl Nightingale put it, “We become what we think about.” There is no way to underestimate just how important is this idea. It is the foundation of all of the results you produce in life.
Your beliefs precede your actions, and your actions precede your results. If you believe that there is something that you must do to succeed, your actions will fall in line with that belief. Certain results inevitably follow.
But a lot of people don’t believe that they “must” do something to succeed. Instead, they believe they “should” do something, and so they lower their standard, never taking the necessary actions, never producing the great results they are capable of, and never reaching their full potential.
What beliefs do you need to transform from “should” to “musts?” What do you need to spend your time thinking about for you to reach your full potential?
There is nothing more powerful than your beliefs. What will you choose to believe?"
Por isso, cuidado com as pessoas a quem dá o poder de o influenciar mesmo subrepticiamente, mesmo involuntariamente. Por isso, cuidado com os media e a sua troupe de produtores de cortisol. Por isso, cuidado com os que não sujam as mãos na prática do dia-a-dia mas estão sempre cheios de respostas sem dúvidas.

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